VACCO Industries provides a variety of high-performance cold gas, warm gas and green monopropellant systems for CubeSat platforms. To date, fourteen flight MiPS have been produced to support AFRL, NRO, NASA and commercial flight applications, including support for the JPL MarcCO CubeSat program.

High-Performance CubeSat and NanoSat Propulsion Systems & Modules

VACCO Industries manufactures a wide range of high-performance CubeSat and NanoSat propulsion systems and modules to meet customer needs. Numerous flight systems have been delivered to customers for a variety of missions and programs.

Cold Gas CubeSat Propulsion: Delta-V and CubeSat Attitude Control

VACCO has designed and developed a wide selection of cold gas propulsion modules with thrust levels greater than 50nM per thruster and total impulses from 23 N-s to over 700 N-s. The cold gas propulsion systems are coveted for their low cost propellant, ease of installation and simplicity of use. This low risk approach was chosen for the first interplanetary CubeSat propulsion module.

Micro Components for Small Satellites

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